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Catastrophic storms hit Mt Dandenong – impacts wildlife

Australia has suffered extreme weather events and we are still recovering from the horrific bushfires which saw over 3 billion animals killed. Just over a month ago, Victoria (and other parts of Australia) were hit with unprecedented storms. So many houses and cars totalled by falling trees and incredible that nobody lost their lives. Massive […]

Time to end the use of 1080 in Australia

Please help stop the unbearable suffering caused by the use of 1080 poison. There are humane options available but the lack of investment and addiction to using it “because we’ve always used it” is no longer acceptable. Working with Alex Vince, Ban 1080 Poison campaign director, who is a wealth of information and also the […]

Our work has been featured

Very exciting to have our work featured in a couple of prominent publications. Our Founding Director, Donalea Patman OAM, gave a talk to the members of the Order of Australia Association over zoom during the pandemic (and the same week she had her foot operated on!), with the Chair of the association inviting her to […]

Government looks to overturn 25 year ban on the importation of birds into Australia

It is difficult to comprehend why a submission process was initiated given we are experiencing a global pandemic due to the trade in wildlife…to proceed with an undertaking to overturn a 25 year ban on the importation of birds. https://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity/risk-analysis/animal/psittacine-birds Over the last 18 months (and more) we have been educating the government on how […]

Blood Lions Tweet Storm – World Lion Day

WORLD LION DAY Dear lion lovers We need your help with a tweet storm to make a clear and urgent statement to the South African Government. It will be late if you live in Australia, but use TweetDeck to schedule your tweets. Or using any social media…but remember the hashtags #800Lions #WorldLionDay PLEASE NOTE – […]

Covid-19 and the legal trade in wildlife

The following blog by Lynn Johnson, Nature Needs More (see original by clicking here)   No one can really predict how the world will look after the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you could write one email that had the potential to help change the world for the better, would you do it? Recent weeks have […]

Australia announces ban on elephant ivory and rhino horn

The Australian delegation at CITES CoP18 in Geneva announced that Australia will implement a ban on elephant ivory and rhino horn.  It was such an honour to be present to hear that announcement given the years of work in addressing the rampant, unregulated trade, hosting Australia’s first ivory and rhino horn crush event on World […]