• Ending the barbaric industry of intensive farming of lions which are shot in enclosed areas by unskilled hunters.

  • Man is the cruelest animal.

    Friedrich Nietzsche

    Our mission
  • Wildlife is being traded into extinction. This is facilitated by a system (CITES) that hasn’t been updated since the 70’s.

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  • A full domestic trade ban announced by the Australian Government in Geneva in August 2019, is yet to be enacted.

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  • Campaign Against Canned Hunting

    For the Love of Wildlife worked with the Australian Govt to be the FIRST country
    to ban the importation of lion trophies and body parts.

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For the Love of Wildlife is about restoring the essential connection between all living things to bring our planet into balance.


Patron, For the Love of Wildlife

I’m delighted to support the work of Donalea Patman and Jason Wood on pushing for a ban on importation of African lion products.

Australia became the first country to ban the importation of lion trophies and body parts and now we are working to have more countries join us in this ban. This would not have been possible without Donalea Patman, Founder, For the Love of Wildlife.

Hon Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Health, Minister for Sport
Federal Member for Flinders


Our Mission

To stay immobilised and silent whilst our natural world is under siege is a crime against nature. It seems that humans have lost their connection to the environment and the planet. If we’re to change the demise we have to be courageous to face ourselves, get real about what is happening and act from a place of deep compassion. It is no longer acceptable to “turn a blind eye”…we are all in this together and it’s our job to make a change, however small.

Our Aim

It is our vision to raise Australia’s presence to not only step up, but lead the world when it comes to our relationship with animals and wildlife.
Through leading the human animal relationship we can inspire the planet to live harmoniously, respectfully and in unity with all living beings.

With strategic and pragmatic solutions to turn the current extinction crisis around.

Wildlife doesn’t have the luxury of time.
We must address the enormous legal trade in endangered species before any impact can be made on the illicit trade.

Our achievements

  • A global first with Australia banning the importation of lion trophies and body parts, announced by then Environment Minister Greg Hunt in March 2015.
  • World Wildlife Day, March 2018 hosting Australia’s first ivory and rhino horn crush event in Melbourne to demonstrate that Australia is complicit in the current poaching crisis whilst we have a rampant, unregulated domestic trade.
  • Triggering a Parliamentary Joint Committee inquiry into the domestic trade in Australia, the resulting report, with bipartisan support, to close the domestic trade.
  • The Australian delegation announced a domestic trade ban in ivory and rhino horn at CITES CoP in Geneva in August 2019 with Environment Minister Sussan Ley pledging to work with the states and territories.
  • Partnering with Nature Needs More to address the enormous legal trade in wild and endangered species as working species by species is glacially slow. Modernising CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Wild Flora & Fauna) will have an enormous impact on 36,000 species and decisively impact the illicit trade.

We are effective because we are small, nimble and results driven.

An Australian registered charity with DGR registration. For the Love of Wildlife Ltd is a company by guarantee. Home



What you can do

We encourage each and every person to understand how powerful passionate, creative action is. For the Love of Wildlife was founded on an experience in South Africa. When Donalea Patman saw wild lions for the very first time, the beauty and power of that experience fired her soul. It was a few hours later when she learnt about the plight of lions in the wild and the horrific industry of captive breeding…where lions are bred to be hunted in enclosed areas. The rage she felt on hearing this merciless act inspired her to action. And it all began with one letter. She had no idea that she would successfully change legislation and in doing so, receive an Order of Australia Medal in appreciation.

Have you considered writing to your local MP about things that matter to you? Do you consider that if you’re not informing the government, who is? So many people think that MP’s SHOULD know it all, but unless you are informing them, we can tell you, they have no idea of some of the things that are happening. Or they have an expectation that many things are already dealt with. If you don’t let them know then they can’t act (it’s their job to represent you). And if you’re not taking their time then you leave the space for everybody else.

If you wish to be part of our current campaign, we encourage you to send one email…click here, it’s all been done for you.

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose
time has come.”

Victor Hugo

Supporters & Awards

Order of Australia Medal awarded to our Founding Director, Donalea Patman.



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