Canned Hunting

Canned Hunting

The act of hunting a confined animal that has been raised in captivity and humanised.

The horrid industry of canned hunting is where an animal has been bred specifically for hunting and is unfairly prevented from escaping the hunter, either by physical constraints (fencing) or mental (tame, habituated to humans).

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There are fewer than 4,000 lions left in the wild in South Africa, but more than 8,000 in captivity, being bred for the bullet or the arrow. These animals are destined to be trophies, therefore it is imperative that the head to kept in perfect condition. A quick kill by a head shot now becomes a body shot, taking up to a dozen bullets to kill a lion or a slow death by arrow, either way piercing a major organ can never be guaranteed.

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Lion farming and poaching are serious threats to wild lion prides for a number of reasons:

  • The ongoing capture of wild lions for the purpose of introducing fresh blood into captive breeding negatively affects the wild population.
  • The canned hunting industry attracts high fee paying clients for the opportunity to kill captured, drugged, confined and humanized animals.
  • The explosive growth of the Asian lion bone trade through poaching.
  • Volunteers inadvertently support the industry by being deceptively conned in the name of conservation. They are led to believe that they are helping orphaned cubs that are being raised to return to the wild… animals that have been humanized can never return to the wild.
  • Volunteers do not work at these reserves for free – the fee is high and it makes this industry very lucrative.
  • Poverty – the local Africans are too easily persuaded by money to poach animals for the lion farming or international trade in parts.

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In Australia, Jason Wood MP has tabled the issue of canned hunting and wildlife trafficking in Parliament. No matter your political persuasion, it’s imperative that this is strongly supported so our wildlife has a chance. Please take the time to sign this petition.

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For more detailed information about canned hunting please visit Campaign Against Canned Hunting, South Africa.