African Tour May 2016

African Tour May 2016

For the Love of Wildlife invites you on an African expedition to invigorate your relationship with the living earth and your wild soul.

Adams calender

The ancient stones of Adam’s Calendar

Our 12 day South African journey embarks from Johannesburg to the rolling hills of Mpumalanga Province and Adam’s Calendar, a 35,000 year old site marked by monolithic rocks aligned to the stars and guarded by free roaming wild horses. Here we prepare for entry into the animal and natural kingdom.

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What makes this Conscious Safari different from others tours is our approach to and experience in nature. We believe in deep immersion and even deeper respect, that as we are humble nature reveals herself. This is not about watching wildlife through the lens of a camera, or from afar: we want you to feel her under your skin. To experience the subtleties and patterns, to be a sacred witness to whatever is revealed, to be absolutely, exhilaratingly present.

We are concerned about the plight of the natural world, hence our activist work: given all of our brilliant human talents and sense of superiority as a species we have destroyed key aspects of the very earth that supports us. We believe that it is time to engage our full capacity as humans and fire our passionate hearts for the living earth. We also seek to extend our activism to joyfulness rather than devastation, and to claim a sense of power from our vulnerable and authentic selves to slip into delight and wonder at our world.

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Our wish for you, our guest, is that you leave the safari with a profound and vivid connection to nature and a deepened connection to your authentic, wise self that enables expression and a joyful, courageous relationship with life.

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This magical tour provides an opportunity to experience the unbridled power, generosity and wisdom of wildlife, the wildness that opens our hearts with its vulnerability and mystery. We journey quietly with our hearts open to listen to and witness the animals and nature, to receive what is offered to us.

Our journey takes us to the Kruger National Park, a nature reserve bigger than the country of Israel, home to herds of dozens of elephants and all the iconic animals of the pristine indigenous African bush. This is where we will work with interspecies communication and bird language tools, deep passions of all facilitators.

From Kruger we travel to the third largest canyon in the world, the Blyde River Canyon in Limpopo Province, the northern ranges of the mighty Drakensberg Mountains, a primal, powerful world of rivers, awe inspiring peaks and magnificent scenery and bird life.

Blyde Canyon High Res

Our expedition concludes in the world famous wilderness of Timbavati at the Global White Lion Protection Trust, home of the iconic and sacred White Lions. A highlight of our journey (after our solid preparation) will be spending time with the white lions of Timbavati at the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which is not open to the general public.

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These incredible beings are considered sacred by many cultures and holy people and present astonishing, unique encounters. Many indigenous people believe that the arrival of the white animals is significant and prophetic. Being on the sacred heartland of Tsau in Timbavati, the ancestral homeland of the white lion is a compelling and a once in a lifetime experience, made possible by sacred activists Linda Tucker, who was given the mantle Keeper of the White Lions by Shangaan Lion Queen Maria Khosa, and Jason Turner, lion ecologist who have both dedicated their lives to protecting these endangered animals.

Proceeds of this expedition go to fund For the Love of Wildlife’s work, the non profit organisation responsible for the Australian government’s decision to ban the importation of lion trophies and body parts, in a bid to stem traffic in endangered species and to bring an end to canned hunting, as told by the film Blood Lions which FLOW partnered in.  Donalea Patman is the founder and director of FLOW, one the leading sacred activists in the world.

Tour begins 18 May, 2016. 

Early bird discount applies for bookings confirmed before end of February. 

Group numbers are limited to maintain the integrity and quality of the experience. 

For further information, pricing and itinerary please contact us

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Donalea Patman

Having travelled throughout her life the most defining and memorable moments have always involved animals. A passionate advocate for sentient beings, she has always held a deep love of nature.

A lifetime interest and study of personal development and spirituality lead to her involvement in Sacred Activism. Donalea launched For the Love of Wildlife to create a professional platform to campaign the plight of animals in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, raising awareness of the destructive forces annihilating the natural world. Her fascination with interspecies communication has lead her to participate in workshops with Anna Breytenbach, Alwyn Myberg, Craig Foster and most recently Jon Young, 8 Shields.


Stella Pilot

Stella Horgan is a lifelong traveller and lover of wilderness who came home to her native South Africa in 2011 after twelve years in Australia, where she ran a private practice specialising in coaching, psychotherapy, workshop facilitation and project management.

In 2013 she established NPO Zingela Ulwazi – Hunt for Wisdom, whose mission is to deliver critical information to rural South Africans with the objective to improve lives and custodianship of nature and wilderness. Stella lives in the Blyde River Canyon and is entirely in love with nature and committed to reclaiming land for wilderness. She is a meditator, mystic, artist and sacred activist.



Ruth Underwood

Ruth Underwood  is a mystic, spiritual teacher and retreat facilitator who spent her early years living in mostly rural settings in Uganda and South Africa where her deep sense of connection to the soul of Africa was formed. She has spent most of her career working with non-profits in South Africa, and leads sacred retreats in South Africa,  Egypt and India.  Ruth has a particular connection with the Nilotic meridian and all the sites along it, and on these retreats, shares her love for the heart of Mother Africa and her mysteries.



To book your flights, travel insurance (compulsory), additional accommodation, stopovers or any other pre or post FLOW program travel, our recommended travel agent is Cassandra at Better World Travel. Not only can she take the stress out of your trip planning, but Cassandra has also offered to donate 5% of the cost of your travel insurance policy to FLOW.

Contact details are:

Cassandra Newbold, Specialist Ethical Travel Consultant
0449 234 074