White Lioness – Print Framed

$125.00 AUD

Illustration by Marini Ferlazzo

White Lioness (created exclusively for For the Love of Wildlife)

The Timbavati Region is the sacred heartland of the White Lion and is the only place on earth where they naturally occur. The Shangaan regard these majestic creatures as “Children of the Sun God”, the most sacred animals on the African continent. Due to forced removal from the wild for zoos and canned hunting farms, these rare animals have all but disappeared from their natural kingdom.

  • Framed archival print
  • Stock: 300gsm 100% Cotton Archival Paper
  • Print Size: 134 x 184m
  • Frame Size: 210mm x 265mm
  • Signed by Nathan Ferlazzo
  • Printed on 300gsm archival paper using high quality Epson pigment inks. The paper was made using the finest and oldest paper-making technique. It is mould-made 100% cotton rag crafted at the Arches paper mill in Lorraine, France.
  • The copyright remains the property of Marini Ferlazzo upon sale.


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