Interspecies Communication

Interspecies Communication

Anna Breytenbach is interviewed on O World Project where she talks about how humans are suffering from a separation sickness from Nature and all life on earth. Her amazing clarity of communication and how she expresses the quantum capacity we all have to reconnect if only we would take the time to sit and truly listen. Insightful and simple in connecting with animals and nature as we all have the capacity it’s just that we’ve become too busy of mind.


This pic below was taken whilst a group was finishing a meditation and in circle had been toning. In the middle of the afternoon a shy sea otter came out of the waves to see what was going on believing that it was something behind, as this was not normal human behaviour.




There are so many ways you can have a relationship with animals. In this video Anna shows us, that with quiet connection to the animals, we all have the ability to communicate. If we are to live harmoniously on the earth together, we need to access other ways of being. In our hurried, technological world we don’t take time to be and feel our feet on the earth.

Anna talks to Spirit, the black leopard.