Greg Brown's love of wildlife

Greg Brown’s love of wildlife

Greg Brown, one of Australia’s finest chefs has created great tasting granitas with real fruits. Simply add water and freeze!

He has been an international success story, with his restaurants being world class, ambassador for luxury items and his talents have been in demand worldwide.

Being a gourmet chef has always had its challenges. But being a gourmet chef diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the reason behind this launch.

When Greg was first (mis) diagnosed many of his friends and colleagues thought he had hit the bottle and was a drunk…almost 10 years ago now.

MS does that, it affects the muscles and speech and so you physically wobble and slur. He’s had to fight to stay not only on top of his disease, but to retain his dignity and talent. Due to MS he’s had his businesses taken away from him, he was made a ward of the state (6 years to regain his independence), lost his antique and other rare collections, his family, his friends and hasn’t been able to work for many years. He was in Canberra, Australia when he had a fall, the police picked him up and put him in a cell for two days without his medication all because they didn’t believe he had MS and made the mistake (almost a fatal one) of not listening to him.

With MS it’s best you eat cold food so that your throat muscles stay tight making it easier to speak, eat and breathe. Greg quickly became bored with sucking on ice blocks and with his palette still finely attuned, he decided to embark on developing food for people not only with MS, but with disabilities in general.

Greg has wanted the emphasis to be on flavour using mostly all natural ingredients, that are simple and easy to make (making you the food hero). This range of granita mixes are made from 100% natural fruit. Simply add the granita mix to 600 ml of boiling water and freeze. Once frozen remove and let sit for a short while, stir through with a fork, ready to serve. The portion you don’t use just return to the freezer as granita last for months. It’s that easy!

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How has protecting wildlife become part of the project?

Greg Brown has always been connected to nature, having been raised on a farm, he is a man of the land. He remembers killing a small animal when he was a kid and that action has haunted him till today.

Greg resides in the beautiful forest of Sherbrooke, Mt Dandenong where he is surrounded by birds, wallabies, wombats and all sorts of wonderful creatures.

Sherbrooke Forest
Sherbrooke Forest

Early 2015 he met a woman at a local cafe and became interested in the work she was doing. Donalea Patman is the founder of For the Love of Wildlife which has been created to expose crimes against nature. The first campaign targeting the cruel and barbaric industry of captive breeding and canned hunting of African lions.

After watching the remarkable capacity of this small organisation to accomplish so much in the short period of time he’d known Donalea, Greg realised that Africa’s wildlife is under siege and wanted to be able to contribute in some way.

For the Love of Wildlife has been the catalyst in the Australian Federal Government banning the importation of lion trophies and body parts as a direct response to this barbaric industry…a global first.

Part proceeds of the sale of these granitas goes to supporting our work.

To order these five fabulous flavours, email – two packets (minimum order) $25, one packet of each is $50, two of each $90 and we’ll happily quote for any combination you’d like. Strawberry, raspberry, mango, blueberry and passion fruit…delicious! (Postage additional)


Greg Brown is one of Australia’s finest chefs.

Author of several books and a myriad of gastronomic awards, owning restaurants and a chain of bakeries, Greg Brown is internationally renowned.

Growing up on a farm in the Western districts of Victoria, Australia where he developed a deep love of the land and animals.

To finance his university study he worked for local restaurants learning to be a cook.

After graduating in psychology Greg realised his real calling was the food industry so he set off for Europe.

His career in gastronomy commenced training under the wing of acclaimed French chefs Raymond Blanc at the Manoir aux Quatre Saisons and Michel Roux at the Waterside Inn. Greg was also fortunate enough to study at Ecole Lenotre in Versailles famed for its Patisserie and Boulangerie (bakery).

Greg’s rigorous training in Europe led to a significant level of knowledge in the food and catering business.

Returning to Australia Greg opened ‘Paysan’, a restaurant that was awarded many accolades including the ‘Restaurant of the Year’ for two years running. His subsequent restaurant ‘Browns’ was also an instant success awarded the ‘Restaurant of the Year’ six months after opening!

Greg continued on with his success as a reputed chef by extending into pastries and breads through a chain of stores ‘Brown’s Bakers of Distinction’.

In early 2000, Greg was diagnosed with a mild form of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and over the next few years suffered a number of personal setbacks, including the loss of his businesses, separation from his family and the onset of the debilitating symptoms.

Although physical limitations have affected his body’s agility his mind, palate and intimate knowledge of ingredients are still working overtime to develop new recipes and mastering his existing 700+ recipes.

Greg Brown